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Dog Hit By Car After Given LSD – Snellville Georgia

Posted on the 31 October 2011 by Dltmontana

Dog “Hit” by Car After Given A “Hit” of LSD In Snellville Georgia

Dog Hit By Car After Given LSD – Snellville GeorgiaNo Relation To Event

A dog in Snellville was hit by a car after it had been given LSD more commonly known as “acid”, police said.

Two suspects -Nicholas Modrich and Jamie Hughes, both 25, are facing drug charges upon release from Gwinnett Medical Center. The couple may also face animal cruelty charges.  The Georgia Animal Protection Society is voicing our opinion that they MUST face animal cruelty charges!

…Modrich answered the door naked after police knocked,

Thomas said Snellville police were alerted to the situation by reports of a naked man and woman running along Pinehurst Road in Snellville at about 8 p.m. The couple fled to their … Read More Here: Dog Given LSD

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