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Dog Grooming Tools

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy
dog grooming tools

Grooming at regular intervals will keep your dog’s coat and skin in good condition and prevent many problems. Even hairless breeds require some grooming for healthy skin. Establish a grooming schedule during puppyhood and stick to it throughout the dog’s life. Initially, keep the sessions brief and make grooming a pleasurable experience. If the puppy grows to dislike the basic grooming routine, a simple procedure will become most difficult.

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How often to groom depends on the dog’s coat type, breed, and the purpose for which she is being groomed. Show dogs, for example, usually require daily grooming. Long-haired dogs should be brushed frequently to prevent the coat from tangling and matting. Certain breeds require braiding or tying up, plucking, and clipping. For these dogs it is a good idea to consult a breeder or professional pet groomer. These are some useful grooming tools. The ones you will use most will depend upon your dog’s breed and the nature of her coat.

dog grooming tools

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Grooming table

It should be solid with a non-slippery surface. Adjust the table to a height at which you can work without bending. Use for all grooming sessions that last more than a few minutes.

Bristle brush

This is a brush for all breeds. It removes loose hair and surface dirt and dresses the top coat. A brush with natural bristles produces less static electricity.

Pin brush

This brush has long pins protruding from a rubber cushion. It’s especially effective for long-haired breeds.

Slicker brush

This is a rectangular board with thin, bent wire teeth and a handle. A slicker brush is used to remove loose hair. Brush in short, deep strokes. This brush may be too harsh to use on short-haired dogs.

Hound glove (palm brush)

Intended for short-haired breeds, this is a glove or pouch that you slip over your hand and then use to wipe down.

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