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Dog Ear Fence Boards Is Popular Choice

By Mattnem05 @mattnem05

Dog ear fence boards - Out of the possible styles of fence boards remain dog-eared fence design a popular and often economical choice. Dog-ear plates can be used in several styles fence, from privacy to shorter, picket-style fencing distance. The term "Dog Ear" applies. to the shape of the top of the boards. Instead of a flat top, the sawn boards corners, resulting in a "dog-ear" shape, or semi-hexagonal shape to the top of the boards. The shape is similar to a semi-prick drop, or ear shape to certain dogs.

Dog Ear Fence Boards Is Popular Choice

A dog ear fence boards or panel boards used in the same way as many other fences. The panels are positioned around the house, or a particular area to decorate or to provide privacy. The term "dog-ear" applies only to the shape of the board-they are used in lengths from two to eight meters, and occasionally higher fences

Dog ear fence boards are mainly made of wood. Composites, which are made of both wood and plastics together, is also used frequently for the manufacture of dog ear and other styles. Composite does not require maintenance; the wood is not, although it has the appearance of wood. Because the dog ear is not. Too ornate in design, they are significantly cheaper than the boards with a more ornate design. The material used will greatly affect the price of fence that different woods cost more or less than others. The value of different materials is also greatly affected by maintenance costs.

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