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Dog Biscuits

By Nancymccarroll
Julie suggested that The Manor House give dog biscuits to our local no-kill animal shelter for a Christmas gift.

Here is the recipe I forwarded to the activity director where today some of the residents will make these treats.  I found my old dog bone cookie cutter we will use, tucked away in a plastic bag that has housed cutters since time began; the plastic looks a bit worse for wear but the old cutter is still sharp. My thick notebook of recipes is kept mostly for nostalgic purposes, but it came in handy on this occasion. (Actually, I think we will use a recipe from here for the treats, since I don't have baby food jars of strained liver in the pantry.)

Dog Biscuits

Can you believe these herbs are still alive in mid December?  They are watered faithfully, and they keep on giving.

Dog Biscuits
Last evening I finished 2/3 of the knitting required to make up the Promenade Shawl.  It was begun in July, so I have been fairly slow in the needle process. Each row must have a thousand stitches, and there are too many rows to count.  Add those stitches to changing colors, and it is mind boggling for knitting.

On another note, here is a present for Julie I have saved up for Christmas: another When In Scotland shawl.

Dog Biscuits

Hoping your weekend is a good one!

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