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Does This Sound Like You on the #Golf Course?

By Golfforbeginners
Trying to concentrate on that ever-important putt which will place you 1-up on your playing buddies, eyeing from every angle, you are finally ready to swing when you say to yourself, "hmm, maybe just one more cup to the right!" Naturally, you miss right. Ahh, the mental game of golf wins again!
Why do golfers use negative self-talk and what can you do to prevent...or at least control it? In a previous article, Golf for Beginners offered ways to improve upon the way we think and speak to ourselves during a round.
Today, instead of lurking within the realm of the Twilight Zone, let's just take a look at some of the ridiculous things we say to ourselves. Maybe if you read this rhetoric out loud, you'll be able to stop before the downswing, flip it around to something more positive and improve your confidence and your game!
Here are a few funny and oh so true thoughts that go through golfers' minds at different times on the course.
1. I ALWAYS hit a bad shot on the first tee!
2. Another downhill lie - I know I'm going to top it...
3. I can use my putter to go through that rough - isn't there four degrees of loft on a putter?
4. I can get this shot over that body of water - I don't need that extra club - this should do it.
5. (On the tee) - Don't aim for that bunker! Water on the right!
Does This Sound Like You on the #Golf Course?
6. I don't need to carry a rain jacket today, there's only a forty percent chance I'll get caught.
7. Trees are 90 percent air.
8. This sure looks like my golf ball.
9. How many strokes was that... one in the water, so I'm hitting two, right?
10. . I don't need to punch out - I can clear that tree!
The biggest lie I tell myself — Total Golf Move™ (@totalgolfmove) May 26, 2015

So many more ruminations to mention like, "Keep out of the rough!"
What self-talk do you utter during a round of golf? Share on our Golf for Beginners blog and on Twitter @Golf4Beginners.

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