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Does the Haredi Community Support the Hetter Mechira?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
does the Haredi community support the hetter mechira?
according to Baruch Marzel, perhaps.
Marzel is accusing the Haredi community of selling out Jerusalem to the Arabs. The Haredi parties in Jerusalem are in the municipal coalition with Mayor Nir Barkat, and they have allowed the Arab community to grow to the point where they are close to becoming the majority in Jerusalem, and they have approved construction plans of 10 sites for the Arab community but only 3 for Jews.
Marzel asks how the Haredi community could be a part of selling such a large part of Jerusalem to the Arabs - would the Chazon Ish (the biggest opponent to the hetter mechira) have allowed this?
source: Kikar
Shmita seems to play by different rules..
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