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Does Human Reason Point Toward God’s Existence Or God’s Absence?

By Stuart_gray @stuartg__uk

Does Human Reason Point Toward God’s Existence or God’s Absence?Originally posted on RESPOND:


Human anatomy is a mind bogglingly amazing thing.

For example…

The cardiovascular system threads through your body. Hundreds of miles of plumbing carry 5 litres of blood around our frame every minute. Oxygen is distributed, nutrients shared, and cellular waste products are disposed of.

The digestive system converts food into energy, absorbs that energy and excretes the waste.

The skeletal system is like scaffolding that supports and protects our soft tissues. Each bone is a living organ; some featuring mounting points for muscles, many containing red marrow for the production of new blood cells.

And on – and on it goes. Amazing.

Now some think that your body and its systems are simply the product of the blind and purposeless forces of nature. Others feel that it is the intentional product of a supernatural (i.e. outside of time + space) Designing Intelligence. But both groups agree – there is clear…

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Does Human Reason Point Toward God’s Existence or God’s Absence?

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