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Doc Rivers Got A Standing Ovation Last Night At The TD Garden

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit

Obvi this was happening but it’s still awesome to see it.  Awesome to see how the fans appreciate him, awesome to see how emotional he was and awesome to wonder how many Tommy Points Heinsohn would have given him had he been asked right then and there.  Doc exit may have come with some turmoil but there is no doubting how important he was to the Celtics franchise.  At Tommy said, this team had lost its pride and he helped restore that pride and bring another banner to Boston.  Thank you Doc.

Bonus video: Watching Doc get emotional after the game is priceless. Shows what kind of way Doc felt about being here in Boston for nine years. You’re a legend once you hang a banner in Boston and Doc will forever be remembered for 2008.

Brad Stevens, it’s your turn.


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