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Do You Really Think They Care About Your "gun Rights", Suckers?

Posted on the 02 October 2013 by Doggone
The right wants to use gun rights as a wedge issue to get you to vote against your self interests, yet
their shut down could prevent people from exercising their "Second Amendment Rights":
One of the more controversial effects of a government shutdown is a halt on concealed carry permits for gun owners. The clerk of court issues these permits in each locality, but the software they use to perform background checks on applicants goes through the federal government.
OK, maybe the government will see things your way and this is covered under the "law enforcement exception". 
Then again, maybe not!
Of course, part of the reason the US is in this mess is because politicians have been courting the fringe elements of US politics:  The people who are single issue voters (e.g., "right to life", "gun rights", taxes).
Unfortunately, one lesson any democracy should know is choose good leaders, or you will be stuck with bad ones.
And the US has picked some really bad ones.

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