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Do You Know Your Twitter Karma?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Have your checked your Twitter Karma?
Do You Know Your Twitter Karma?
Twitter Karma is one way to check out who is following you on Twitter and who is NOT following you on Twitter. It is a completely FREE service and you can check as often as you would like. I try to check weekly or bi-weekly. Especially in the beginning - if you follow too many you cannot follow anymore; so why waste following someone if they are not conversing or following you back?
Reasons to follow someone:
  • They are in your niche
  • They respond if you re-tweet or converse with them
  • They are following you
  • You really know them
  • They post great tweets

  • Reasons not to follow someone:
  • They never converse with you
  • They have no activity in weeks or months
  • They are not in your niche or interesting to you
  • They spam you
  • They only tweet about themselves

  • Do You Know Your Twitter Karma?
    What are your reasons FOR following someone on Twitter?

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