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Do You Have Twitter Seeds?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Do you have Twitter seeds? There is a social network with seeds for growing Twitter followers called Twiends. I found it over on YouSayToo this morning.
Do You Have Twitter Seeds?
Did I mention it's a FREE Service? Of course you can pay for it too. You may purchase Seeds. Seeds are FREE if you follow others with your interests from the Twiends network. You can add up to 5 interests and it will show you which tweeps you can follow and how many seeds you will earn for them.
Do You Have Twitter Seeds?
So let's start planting our Twitter seeds today and see how many engaged and qualified followers we can gain through the Twiends seeds.
I really like how this network lets you see other tweeps profiles with interests that match yours. Very nice feature! You get 25 FREE seeds for each referral. You can use my referral here to sign up: 

If you decide to join for free you can include your referral link like mine above on the comments. Or let us know if you are already on this network and how it's worked for you! Love to know how you like this social network for growing your Twitter followers.
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