Do You Have Naked Nail Syndrome?

Posted on the 06 June 2014 by Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: Do You Have Naked Nail Syndrome?
You might already be experiencing the scary symptoms of Naked Nail Syndrome, and not even realize there was a problem!
Use the checklist below to determine if you... or someone you love... might be suffering from the dreaded Naked Nail Syndrome (NNS)
Please answer the following questions:
1. Have your finger or toenails ever had a naked, bland, and colorless appearance for longer than 24 hours?
2. Have you ever attempted a home remedy (such as applying nail polish) for this problem, only to become more distraught by the results? Do you suffer from "Chronic Chipping Condition"?
3. Have you felt the constant need to visit your local nail salon, and spend large amounts of cash on a regular basis to cure your NNS?
4. Do you feel like there is no cure for your NNS, and you simply have to learn to accept your sad nails in their naked and oh, so depressing state?
Well, here is the GOOD NEWS! You are not alone and YES, there is help!
Image: Visit my website for Jamberry Nail Wraps
Join Jamberry Nails in the fight against Naked Nail Syndrome!
With the help of Jamberry's heat-activated, toxin-free, gluten-free, latex-free, and yet very affordable nail wraps, you CAN cure NNS... forever!
Help us spread the cure - in these two to three simple steps!
1. Request your Jamberry nail wrap sample to end your Naked Nail Syndrome!
-- Request Your Jamberry Nails Sample --
2. Host a Jamberry Facebook or home party, and teach your friends and family how they too, can rid themselves of NNS... forever!
3. Or, better yet, become a Jamberry Independent Consultant - and join us on the frontlines of the War Against NNS. Your efforts could save millions of women from this life-limiting disorder!
Image: Visit my website for Jamberry Nail WrapsFor further information on how you can become part of The Nail Revolution...
and bring joy and happiness to every hand and foot across North America (and to military bases around the world)
visit my website at
or contact me at catherine @
With Jamberry, There is Hope - You Too Can Have Beautiful Nails!
Source: Thanks to Stacia Porter!
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Make sure that everything you entered in the form is correct. A wrong address may get the free sample to a neighbor instead of you!
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