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Do You Digg?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Do you use Digg? Digg is another social networking site that mainly shares news stories of various kinds.
Do You Digg?
Here are the categories on Digg:
  • Business

  • Entertainment

  • Gaming

  • Lifestyle

  • Offbeat

  • Politics

  • Science

  • Sports

  • Technology

  • World News

  • Digg is one of the easier social networking sites to use. You sign up, create your profile with picture or an icon and you are on your way.
    Do You Digg?
    You start to Digg your favorite news stories or blogs and of course you Digg others diggs. You find people to follow and you will see others follow you. When you first sign up Digg will suggest friends for you.
    You an also search Digg news by:
  • My News

  • Top News

  • Newswire

  • You will see in your profile the number of diggs you have submitted, number of comments made, number of submissions, number of followers, number you are following, amount of daily diggs, number of popular stories and percentage of popular ratio and the date you started to Digg.
    You may follow me on Digg here.
    For more interesting stats on Digg, read more here.
    I can tell you that Digg does generate some traffic for your website or blog. Not as much traffic as some of the other more popular social networking websites will generate. If you are a news hound you will really enjoy Digg.
    I'd love to know your experience on Digg or if you are not on it - why not?

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