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Do You Buffer Your Tweets?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Have you buffered your Tweets? Do You Buffer Your Tweets? I'm not a big fan of automation of social media but after having 4 Twitter accounts and 3 Facebook pages along with numerous blogs to manage I tried out the Buffer. I started with one specialty less used Twitter account for our medical scrubs website and really started to like it.
Buffer claims "Never flood your followers again." "Add Tweets to your Buffer from anywhere and we spread them out for you during the day". And yes it's FREE. Do You Buffer Your Tweets?

Here is where I'd recommend when to use Buffer:
  • If you have to manage several social media accounts
  • If you tweet all your tweets together due to time constraints - The Buffer spreads them out over time that you schedule
  • If you will have no access to internet for hours
  • If you are on a vacation - for Sure!
  • You need to save time

  • Buffer is also available for Facebook.
    Will YOU Be Buffering Your Tweets or Facebook Posts? Check our their great application at the Buffer.

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