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Do We Stand and Fight?

Posted on the 05 September 2011 by Jayneymoo @jayneymoo

I have just realised the importance and need to FIGHT.

And by fighting, I don't mean the 'let's punch out someone for giving me road rage' type fighting.

I am talking about the real, hands-down, INCREDIBLE fighting that is done by organisations and foundations across the entire world. People who (whether suffering from their own tragedy or realising the compassion they have from others' tragedies) get up and decide that enough is enough - we are going to advocate and educate and do everything in our power to prevent this from happening to anybody else.

I have always had respect for these organisations - don't get me wrong. After seeing everything Daniel Morcombe's family went through and the lengths they went to to find their son, how could anyone NOT have respect for that family? But it has only just occurred to me the significance of what people can do when they put their minds to something and they believe in it enough to see it through to the end - come what may.

That kind of inspiration and dedication you can't fake. It is surreal to many of us; we wouldn't dream of stepping outside what we deem our little 'bubble' to "get down and dirty - to the nitty gritty side of life".

How many of you would actually advocate for something you believe in, had you the chance?

Would you? Would you stand up and fight? If the whole world was screaming at you that what you're doing is 'foolish' and 'senseless' and 'you're wasting your time' - would you ignore their comments and continue on your path?

I suppose there are circumstances with which this kind of 'blind doing' would or could be harmful - such as the crazy so-called 'christian' americans who were on 60 minutes for boycotting a soldier's funeral and claiming 'God loves dead soldiers' and 'God hates fags' at other rallies - yes, I can see the foolishness and blind hatred and ignorance that stems from that.

But what about, say, advocating for gay marriage? For equal rights and opportunities for people with a disability? For the safety and protection of children - the innocents in this world? For women, men, and children in the slave or sex trade? For a solution to world poverty? For the eradication of violence in third world countries? For a way to combat the growing rates of suicides? For security for asylum seekers? For blacks? For whites?

What about these beliefs?

Would you stand and fight if you had the chance?

Would you create an opportunity?

Would you hide behind your insecurities?

Would you do something worthwhile?

For me - I WANT a better nation. I want more than just my life - I have been given the kind of life so many people across the world could only dream of having. Is it okay for me to just settle? To accept the fact that I have been dealt the 'upper hand'? Is it okay for me to sit on my arse and do nothing?

Or do I fight?

I want to believe that people can be better than what they are. I want to believe that there are more people than the few I have seen or spoken to that have had the chance and taken it - more who are willing to sacrifice everything to see a wrong made into a right in the world.

Perhaps my dream is foolish - perhaps I am fighting in vain. But at least I know, I KNOW, that I can't and won't settle. God gave us this potential for a reason - and I intend to use mine.

I hope you all do too.

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