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Do We Need To Shop Thanksgiving Night?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
I see some stores will be opening Thanksgiving night. Why? Do we really need to be shopping on Thanksgiving night?

Do We Need To Shop Thanksgiving Night? I feel bad for the workers that must leave their families on the holiday and go to work at these stores. In the age of eCommerce I do not understand why the stores cannot wait until Friday morning. 

Black Friday started in the 1960's and was termed that by a police officer in Philadelphia for its massive traffic jams and pedestrian traffic. Black Friday is also known for when the retailers profits were in the black. It is the first day many retailers started to make profits for the year. 

Stores used to open on Black Friday at 8 a.m. and now 5 a.m. and even 4 a.m. But the night before? Why? It is just greed that the stores want to be open longer? What will they really accomplish by opening on Thanksgiving night? 

I say we do not shop until Friday so that next year families can stay home for the holiday and not rush off to work on Thanksgiving night. And if one so desires to shop they can turn on their computers and shop away all night if they want. Would you agree not to shop on Thanksgiving night?

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