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Do Vertical Stripes Really Make You Thinner?

By Attireclub @attireclub

Do Vertical Stripes Really Make You Thinner?There is an old fashion saying according to which, if you wear vertical stripes you will appear thinner and, of course, in opposition, if you wear horizontal stripes you will appear bigger, or at least, wider.

Many people look at it as a rule and take it very seriously. But is it a true thing that simply wearing a striped shirt or a striped pair of pants can have such a big impact on your look?

The very short answer is yes.

Stripes, indeed can make you look thinner or bigger, with vertical stripes being the thinning ones and the horizontal stripes having the opposite effect. But, it needs to be said that the stripes alone won't do the job. In fashion, the number one key element is fit. Prints and patterns, as well as colors, can have a visual effect on you if the clothes fit you well. In other words, you can wear all the vertical stripes in the world, if the shirt you are wearing doesn't fit right, it won't make you look any thinner. The same goes for the opposite.

When it comes to fit, it needs to be pointed out that fitting clothes are not clothes that are, as many wrongly assume, very tight. Basically, fitting clothes are clothes that hug your body well and allow for comfort and free movement at the same time. It's hard to find clothes that fit well, which is why you should always take your patience with you when going shopping.

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À propos stripes, there is one more thing about prints and patterns that needs to be pointed out. Generally speaking, when you are wearing a pattern, this should be composed of elements that are proportionate to your body. In other words, bigger people should wear wider stripes, bigger dots and so on and thinner people, the opposite. This way, you will look very balanced and you can be sure that you are dressed "correctly". However, at the same time, this is a rule you can play with, especially if you want to achieve visual results that are more quirky and outlandish.

There have been several polls and studies made on the matter of how vertical and horizontal stripes make one appear and the findings have been diverse, some found the rule to be true, others found it to be wrong. Surely, the way the studies were conducted and the visual background of the participants are also essential. However, it is safe to say that, while the rule does make sense from an aesthetic point of view (we associate verticality with tallness and thinness and horizontality with wider surfaces), it is always a good idea to try things on before you decide on them.

The personal always trumps the collective.

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