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“Do Not Bully Me With Your Bullshit!”/Bullying Comes In All Forms (The Many Forms Of Bullying)

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

I Never Imagined That I Would Ever Write A Post Regarding Being Bullied Because I Have Never Been A Candidate When It Came To That Particular Situation.

I Have Always Been A Leader And Not A Follower. I Have Never Been Afraid Of Anyone Or Anything. And I Have Always Had Much Innate Confidence And Strength Within Myself Which Consistently Showed All Throughout My Unique Personality.

According To The Dictionary The Definition Of A Bully Is Someone Who Is Habitually Cruel Or Overbearing, Especially To Smaller Or Weaker People.

And That Is A Generalization That Our Society Often Makes. However, That Is Not Always The Truth.

I Am Small In Size And Very Soft Spoken But Absolutely In No Way Am I A Pushover Or Anyone’s Fool For That Matter (Some Individuals Still Insist On Taking Kindness For Weakness At Times).

The Strong Often Fall Prey To The Domineering Tactics Of The Insecure. So All Of Those Stereotypes Need A Thorough Reality Check.

By Nature, I Have Always Been Very Strong-Willed And Very Stubborn. I’ve Always Had A Mind Of My Own And Nobody Could Ever Control Me. And What I Have Learned Is That My Character (My Strong Personality) Has Made Me A Target For Indirect Bullying.

I Have Quite A Few Enemies Do To Jealousies And Envies, My Straightforward Unapologetic Attitude, And So On. The Bottom Line Is That I Do Not Bow Down To Anyone. And Certain Sick People Just Can’t Accept That. They Endeavor To Have It Their Way, And In Any Way Possible.

When People Cannot Do Anything With You They Want To Hurt You.

I Was Always Meant To Be Successful In Whatever I Was Suppose To Do In My Life, And As I Am Not Limited To Just One Thing But Many, There Has Been Constant Interference.

I Am A Go Getter. One Who Does Not Stop. So My Enemies Are Using An Age Old Weapon To Make Me Stop-”Black Magic”.

I Have For Years Been A Victim Of Black Magic That I Continued To Defeat Through My Own Will And Ability. But Never Had I Got The Feeling Of Being Bullied As I Do Now.

It Started Last Week, On Wednesday. The Evil Focused On Trying To Make Me Have Fears. An Attempt To Deprive Me Of My Confidence And Strength. It Even Wanted Me To Cry. These Were Not My Own Natural Feelings Of Course, It Was A Negative Spiritual Manipulation That I Gave Absolutely No Energy To.

In The Process Of All Of This I Could Feel The Genuine Fears And Regrets That My Enemies Had Of Me.  They Were In For More Than What They Could Handle Yet They Did Not Want To Lose.

I Am An Intimidation To Them. So They Have To Try To Intimidate Me, Because Some Individuals Do Often Fear What And Who They Do Not Understand.

Today My Enemies Tried To Put Negative Thoughts Into My Mind To Discourage Me From Continuing On With The Daily Activities Of My Life. Which Is My Creative Works, My Work Endeavors, My Plans That I Have For the Future And So On. They Are Threatening Me Through Spiritual Means In A Vain Attempt To Break Me.

Again, I Gave No Such Energy To That Bullcrap! There Is A Big Difference Between “Feeling” What One Is Trying To Do Against You Compared To The Actual Attacks  Having A  Legitimate “Affect”.

I Believe My Bullies Do Not Know The Difference, Let Alone The Way That A Spiritual Person Can Operate. To Some Of Them It Is All One In The Same, To Those Of Us Who Know Better It Is Looking Directly At Them Through A Mirror To Watch Them Hang Themselves.

I Went On About The Rest Of My Day Unaffected But Further Enlightened Of How One Is Able To Be Relentlessly Harassed And Bullied To A More Revolting  Level.

I Do Whatever It Is That I Love-However And Whenever I Want To Do It-Now And Until I Am Satisfied. No One Will Take Any Of My Jobs Away From Me. I Am My Own Boss.

Whether It Is Face To Face Or In Spirit Don’t Nobody Bully Me With Any Bullshit That I Will Accept And Bow Down To, That Just Pisses Me Off.

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