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Do Decisions Weigh You Down?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Does having to make decisions weigh you down? Do you put off making a decision and carry around the extra weight?
Do Decisions Weigh You Down?
What can you do to lift that weight off your back and mind? I believe once you make decision you will feel better. Here are some ways you can do just that:
* Write a list - which things are good and which would not be good
* Ask different people advice - as long as you can still make your own decision
* Realize - Will this matter next year? Will it matter next month? Put it in perspective
* Can you sleep well after you go with your decision? Does it fit into your belief system?
Do Decisions Weigh You Down?
Some decisions are easy - like whether or not to make a small purchase. But others that involve other people may be much harder to make. I think decision making has gotten harder over the years as there are so many choices.
Just go into any grocery store and pick a soda. How many different kinds are there now compared to just a few years ago? They used to be one aisle or just one side of an aisle. Now there are at least 2 aisles full of choices. The same goes for any other type of purchase - just buying a pair of shoes these days can be a dilemma. These type of decisions go on all day.  
Do Decisions Weigh You Down?
We are bombarded with choices all around us. Our lives are no longer simple and just black or white, there are a lot of gray areas.
So once we get through these smaller choices and a big dilemma comes along it can be overwhelming and weigh us down. We cannot be productive when we carry that kind of weight on our mind and stress to our bodies. So decide to make a decision and give yourself a deadlineYou'll feel much better after you decide.
Have you had a decision that you could just not make

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