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Do Chinese Wives Think Foreign Men and Chinese Men Are Different?

By Mynewchinesewife @mynewchinesewife

Do Chinese wives think foreign men and Chinese men are different? Of course. Due to cultural differences, there must be many differences between Chinese men and foreign men. In the following article, I ,a Chinese wife, will explain two of them according to my own experience.

It is more common to see a Chinese man complaining about the food his wife has cooked. My dad often complains that this dish is too salty, or that that dish is too spicy, as does my older brother. However, my husband, an American guy, is always pleased with my food even when it is really not good. For example, I made pizza this last week, which I subsequently named “fat pizza,” because the pizza dough was too thick. Not only that, but having never cooked with tomato paste before, I accidentally bought a can of Chef Boyardee’s Beefaroni, and used it as a pizza sauce. You can imagine what my “fat pizza” tasted like with Beefaroni on it—-It was really interesting, to put it politely, but my husband knew I had worked hard and he didn’t want to see me disappointed, so he ate a lot and said it was not bad.

In addition, foreign men can be funny to live with. Compared with others, my husband is a little messy, and he seems to enjoy it. One day, after showering, he was looking for his socks with his shoes in his hand, which he then placed on the bed. Later, when I saw that he had put his shoes on the bed while putting on his socks, I laughed and asked him to put his shoes on the floor and wipe the bed clean. To my surprise, he started hitting the bed with his shoes, all over the sheets trying to make the bed dirtier. He then turned and asked me, “is it clean enough, babe?”. It was so funny that I hunched over with laughter.

Later, I told him that Chinese men would never do what he did if the same thing had happened. Actually, I don’t think Chinese men would have put their shoes on the bed to begin with. However, if it did happen, most Chinese men would either wipe off the bed, or ignore it. My husband then responded, “Chinese men are so boring. How can I make my wife laugh if I just wipe off the bed?”
Chinese men and American men have different attitudes towards both food and cleanliness, American attitudes towards food makes cooking easier for Chinese women. American attitudes towards cleanliness may not always be so nice, but they can also be charming. Some women may like a husband who obeys them all the time, but Chinese wives would probably love it that her husband always tries to make her happy.

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