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DJ Khaled Get’s Starstruck When He Sees Beyonce

By Firstladyb


Even though Beyonce had him open up for her during her Lemonade Tour, DJ Khaled says he still gets starstruck when he sees her.

From Variety:

“There’s only two artists I get starstruck from, and that’s Rihanna and Beyonce,” even though both are featured on his album. “Me and Rihanna are friends and we always show love to each other, but I get real shy. And when I be talking to Jay and Beyonce pops up, I mean, obviously I say hello and I’ve thanked her for putting me on the tour. But I’m so nervous I don’t look nowhere else but at Jay, and then I leave the room like ‘I gotta go.’” He laughs, “I’m telling you, it’s weird!”


We get it Khaled, we get it!

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