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DIY Window Candelabra from Scrap Wood

By Francoisetmoi

Celebrate light amidst Winter’s long nights with a DIY window candelabra inspired by Scandinavian tradition. Make this project affordably using scrap wood! When it comes to holiday decorating, my style usually comes to life in two ways: Bringing the outdoors in.  Celebrating my Scandinavian heritage through handmade decor and crafts.  I’ve been wanting to light our front window with a candelabra since we bought this old house 6 years ago. Window candelabras or adventsljusstakar in Swedish, are often used for Advent or to bring a welcoming glow during long winter nights and are common across Scandinavia. Window candelabras are an investment cost-wise though. I love this candelabra from Star Trading and a few other online retailers, but with shipping from Sweden, the cost is over $100 smackers, and I’m not sure it would get here in time to enjoy for Winter Solstice. I was pulling into the garage one afternoon and spotted our big stash of scrap wood collected throughout the year. At that moment it dawned on me; I could make a candelabra pretty darn affordably using scrap wood! My candelabra has a few tweaks, it’s smaller in scale to proportionally work in our windows. It has a curved […]

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