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DIY Vs. Professional Bathroom Renovations

By Anne Mehla
DIY vs. Professional Bathroom RenovationsIf you have recently decided to undertake a bathroom renovation, you may be starting to wonder whether it’s a DIY job or whether calling in bathroom professionals is the better idea. While there are plenty of aspects of a renovation that you can do yourself, there are plenty of reasons why you should also hire a professional.
A professional bathroom renovation will not take anywhere near as long as a DIY one will. Contractors can be at your house during the day five days a week, working on your bathroom, whilst you are at work. If you did the renovation yourself, you would only have nights and weekends to work on the project. And let’s face it – who wants to start painting their bathroom late at night when you’ve spent all day at the office, and who can bother tiling over the weekend when you have children to contend with?
Getting your bathroom renovation professionally done can also save you money in the long run. With a DIY job there is always the risk of something not being done properly and causing you problems down the track. This is especially prevalent in a bathroom. A mistake in a renovation can work out to be a costly experience. Contractors are also generally able to buy your new bathroom amenities at wholesale or discounted prices, due to them having deals and contracts with suppliers.
A professional will also be familiar with the building codes and regulations enforced on bathroom renovations, including the various permits that need to be submitted to your local council. You can get in a lot of trouble for a DIY renovation that is not up to code.
So, for your next bathroom renovation, consider the DIY versus professional contractor debate and decide which route, or whether a combination of the two, is best for you and your renovation needs.

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