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DIY: Tshirt Scarf and My Weekend in Nashville

By Annadicus @annadicus
  So yesterday I decided to make a tshirt scarf! Simple and sweet post this is going to be since I'm at home with my dad and Kyle. We have been shopping all day and I'm completely beat. We went everywhere today! My dad lives in Nashville so we had anywhere and everywhere to shop at.
  I went to College Station to find a Philadelphia Eagles shirt since I don't have one. Listen to this...they had just ONE shirt and it was a 2X! Can we say lame? We went to 2 different malls and just browsed. I bought a new pair of pearl earrings which I love and will wear all the time! We also went to 2 different Goodwill stores around the area which I found a pair of Ohio State soffee shorts, an orange Nike shirt, a brand spanking new camo Underarmour hat. I mean the tag was still on this sucker, and speaking of favorite purchase of the day was (at Goodwill) a pink seersucker dress!! It's absolutely to die for! At first Kyle didn't like it but he was like "Try it on baby because I may think otherwise." SOOOOOOO...I put it on and he loved it and said it fit my figure perfectly which made me feel totes good about myself!
Well...on to this tshirt scarf tutorial! I have never really done a tutorial for a craft I think so don't judge as this is about to be so simple it's stupid!
DIY: Tshirt Scarf and My Weekend in NashvilleA large tshirt works the best. For each step, don't worry about uneven cutting. The stretching step will take care of that and you won't even be able to tell.DIY: Tshirt Scarf and My Weekend in NashvilleCut under the arm all the way across.DIY: Tshirt Scarf and My Weekend in NashvilleTake the bottom piece of the shirt and cut strips like the one you see here until...DIY: Tshirt Scarf and My Weekend in NashvilleYou have all of these. I usually get 11 or 12 out of a large shirt. DIY: Tshirt Scarf and My Weekend in NashvilleThen take each strip and stretch it. The top piece is stretched to compare in the above picture.DIY: Tshirt Scarf and My Weekend in NashvilleWhat I did after I stretched all of the pieces is took my hot glue gun and glued a piece of black ribbon around them to hold the pieces together. Then, by choice of course, I made this cute little black bow and added 3 stones as well as some craft spray glitter to make it completely FABULOUS! This is also a picture of the scarf wrapped around twice.
  I told you. SO EASY IT'S STUPID! This was one of many Pinterest crafts that I have tried. This is just one that I have perfected! I made my mom and sister them for Christmas. They loved them! Tomorrow is going to be a great day too for I will be sharing the recipe for Oreo balls! I made some tonight and we are sure loving them! Well it is definitely my bed time now! Happy weekending!
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