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DIY Textural Art

By Francoisetmoi

Channel your inner ‘artiste’ with DIY textural art! Use a tile trowel and modeling paste to create minimal and chic large-scale art in an afternoon. I first became infatuated with textural art two years ago after discovering the work of artists like Krogh Andersen. It has such movement and visual interest, all the while feeling minimal and chic. Last year I picked up some modeling paste, pulled out a trowel, and began experimenting with troweling paste into 3D art. However, I didn’t document a minute of it, because frankly I wasn’t sure it’d turn out. But much to my chagrin, it did turn out, and I LOVE it! So I’m back at it partnering with Handy Products to create another piece–this time with a very detailed tutorial, so you can make one too with confidence! What Type of Paste Should I Use? Flexible Modeling Paste: I use Flexible Modeling Paste because it trowels nicely without looking clumpy like joint compound sometimes can. It comes pre-mixed and takes the guesswork out of finding the right consistency. The paste is true white in color, and it can be mixed with acrylic paint if you want to add an element of color. Mixing […]

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