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DIY Reupholstery Tool

By Unitherapy @UniTherapy
Uni-Therapy: DIY Reupholster Tool
Now that we have The Throne to start on, we’ve been looking around for some more specialised tools. One of those was the small reupholster crowbar (it’s designed to get nails and staples out a little easier), however, at a price of 35€ it was just a little too expensive for our taste.
Essentially the reupholster crowbar looks like a screwdriver with a V-shape cut into the top. Something we could do our selves! We used two screwdrivers that were small enough to fit under a staple, but strong enough to be cut. Tom (with a little help from his dad) placed them one by one into the vice, and ground a V-shape in it using the angle grinder. All in all it cost us a lot less than 35€, and it works just as well!
P.S. If you really want to make your work easy, try using a screwdriver with a magnetic tip for this project. You'll thank me later.

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