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DIY: Recover a Stylish Fur Ottoman for Under $52

By Barbarayesspaces @Barbara_Miller
The Idea

I have fur on my mind! Maybe it’s the winter Olympics – after all I have been watching them while I glue, staple and paint my latest projects. Maybe it’s because it was freezing when we were snowed in for six days last week. But either way I am loving fur on furniture. I recommend bringing something trendy like fur into your space in an accent piece so you can change it out when you see another fabulous idea you just have to try.

The Design

fur ottoman sketch 700x555 DIY: Recover a Stylish Fur Ottoman for Under $52I saw a pair of fur ottomans at the foot of a bed in one of my favorite magazines and I couldn’t get them out of my head. I acquired some big square ottomans when I bought two wing backs last year. The owner was happy to throw them in just to get rid of them – are you surprised?fur before1 DIY: Recover a Stylish Fur Ottoman for Under $52

Because the lines on the ottoman are so crisp and clean I knew they would be easy to recover – five straight seams and some staples! Plus, they are on wheels which make them a great flexible piece for a family room – your child can roll them out of the way to create more room for play! So the world’s ugliest ottoman had potential!

The Materials

  • Off white prime and paint spray paint to cover an ugly oak base
  • 1-1/2 Yards of fur or fabric of your choice
  • Thread to match
  • Long straight pins – the fur is thick and small pins won’t work well
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Sewing machine or a very nice friend

The Process

I always recommend you watch the video first because there is a lot of extra information there as well as a demonstration, these instructions are intended to be support for the Mess to YES videos.

fur ottoman pinning DIY: Recover a Stylish Fur Ottoman for Under $52

  • Remove any lose, dirty or torn fabric – in this case the lovely table cloth had to go!t
  • My ottoman had a wooden base so I painted that first
  • Cut a piece of fabric larger than the top by about 2″ all the way around – lay it fur side down on the top
  • Cut all four sides, again with a 2″ overage on all sides
  • Pin one of the sides to the top along the top edge
  • IMPORTANT! Make sure the fur is laying in a direction when it lays down smoothly toward the floor. As you are adding pieces all the way around double check that all the fur is facing the same direction
  • Pin an adjoining side along the top edge
  • Carefully pin the corner, making sure to keep the fabric smooth and taught
  • Continue doing this until all sides are on and pinned – remember this is all with the fabric INSIDE OUT
  • When I am finished I go over the pinned edges and often straighten out and repin places that may be loose or not straight
  • Remove the pinned fabric and go to the sewing machine to sew seams to replace the pins
  • When all the seams are complete put the cover back on the ottoman – still inside out and trim all of your seams
  • fur slipcover DIY: Recover a Stylish Fur Ottoman for Under $52Remove the cover and turn it right side out! Hooray!
  • I pulled any fur caught in the seams out gently with my fingers to help disguise the seams
  • Turn the ottoman upside down and staple along the bottom edgefur stapling DIY: Recover a Stylish Fur Ottoman for Under $52

Watch the video if you are confused about any part of this process, or comment and I will respond!

 The Outcome

fur ottoman portrait 463x700 DIY: Recover a Stylish Fur Ottoman for Under $52The furry ottoman makes the perfect place to curl up next to our fireplace. The flat top and height makes it great as a table top but also a comfy place to put your feet up. A pair of these would be perfect in front of a large sectional or at the foot of a bed.

The Budget

$12.75 – Fur fabric ($16.99 for 1 – 1/2 yards at 50% off

$20.00 - I was given this ottoman but I believe $20 is an adequate allowance for you to find an ottoman you like on Craig’s List or at another one of your favorite hunting grounds

$3.79 – Off white spray paint and primer

$5.00 - Staples (I have a gun)

$0.00 - I have all the sewing supplies

TOTAL: $41.54 52 projects smaller DIY: Recover a Stylish Fur Ottoman for Under $52 This project was Week 6: we will be adding a new video to our YES Spaces DIY page every week for the next 46 weeks! And based on your input we will have directions and when needed measurements and plans here every week as well. So be sure to subscribe here and over on YouTube so you don’t miss anything! I am currently cooking up all the projects and simultaneously pulling together our MESS to YES makeover schedule for the year so if you have projects or spaces you are struggling with and would like some inspiration let me know and I will try to tackle as many as I can here this year. Signature Transparent DIY: Recover a Stylish Fur Ottoman for Under $52   If you want a stylish, family-friendly home contact YES Spaces today! I would love to talk to you about your family and your space! Visit our YES Spaces DIY channel to see videos of other family friendly projects! Connect with us on Facebook for the “How To” behind some of today’s most popular design ideas! View our Pinterest Boards for my curated design inspiration! Watch our MESS to YES Home Makeover!

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