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DIY Raised Bed Ideas You Can Build in a Day

By Gfl

So how to make your garden look beautiful with small changes in your garden?

Here is the wrap!

Raised garden beds are the best way to plant compared to your regular garden.

In fact, Raised garden bed not only use to look your garden beautiful but it also right for you if you have back pain. You no need to bend for watering your plants or planting seeds.

But above all, you have to build the wood bed before you can start your garden.

Creating a wood bed is quite tricky; you can use a wood splitter that will ease your most of the bed work.

After building your garden, you defiantly don’t want to change it again, especially when you added to soil in it.

So, choose your wood type and design carefully and follow the below steps that can help you with your garden bed planning ideas.

4 things to consider before building a bed

Choose the Place:

According to the type of the plants, you can decide the place. It may be the place of most sun or place of the slight sun, determine which suits your plants.

How many beds you need:

A big bed is a cost-effective plan, but it depends on you which plants you are going to plant.

A smaller bed is preferable because you can group the similar plants and make the best companion of the bed.

Decide size of the bed:

Make sure your bed no longer then the 3 feet, it might harder for you to handle. As long as, if you are going to plant smaller plants like herbs then the tiny bed is a good choice.

Choose material you want to use:

If you wish to cheaper durable and light material, then choose wood. The wood beds are preferable for making the garden furniture. Even you can reuse your old wood frames for building garden beds.

4 DIY easy raised garden bed plants

Two tier garden bed

Two tier bed means it has the structure of stair steps. The raised garden bed is the coolest idea to plant your plants.

The best thing about the two-tier garden bed is that you can plant in both upper as well as the lower tier of the bed.

So you can plant smaller plants like a flower in the upper tier and taller plant in the lower level so that both get enough sunlight and both plants are visible too!

No frills garden bed

If you are new to the carpentry, then you should start with the no-frills bed because it is easy to built and has an initial square design.

With that said it could give your garden and plants an organized and well-structured look.

raised bed ideas

Balcony size raised garden bed

If you are living in the smaller space and love to see things grow then don’t worry, you can build your favorite fruits and vegetables by the use of small balcony bed.

Find something small box-like small vine box and convert it into your balcony bed by adding soil into the box and start planting.

raised bed ideas

Cement Block raised garden bed

The bed is very easy to build because you have to arrange the blocks and then fill it with the soil that’s it.

It looks cool, and you can put it anywhere you want in your backyard that fills your fences and in many ways.

Wrapping it up

Hope you like these tips, and if so, then please share it with your friends and family.

There are many ways to build the garden bed, but these are the easier and cheaper way to make your garden beautiful and well organized.

It up to you, what you would choose cheaper ad simple design or expensive and sophisticated design, both are good in their ways, but the easier design will make your handling easy and saves your loads of time.

Have happy gardening!

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