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DIY: Putting Together an Unforgettable Sundae Bar

By Icecreamed

Chocolate Sundae

With January now in in full-swing it is safe to say that the “entertainment” season is over. But before you wash your best dishes and glassware one last time before storing them in your crawl space, ask yourself this: Why can’t the year 2014 be a yearlong celebration?

Gyms are filled with new resolutions and you might already have a drafted and posted list of “to do’s” that will hopefully change your life for the better in the coming months. But with the rest of your life on the upswing, why not include a little bit of partying in between your newly regimented schedule? It might just be the wings your resolutions need to fly.

Entertainment can seem daunting. The house needs to be cleaned and food needs to be planned. But for ice cream lovers, the cherry on top is always the dessert segment of the night. If your new resolution is to add a little party to your life, don’t bother with the stress! A sundae bar is easy to set-up, impressively beautiful, and will leave all your guests satisfied and full.

Front and Center: Dishes that Wow

You don’t need to run out to the store to buy dishes exclusively for ice cream. (Although true addicts might see that as necessary!) Consider breaking up the bowl norm by using wine glasses, shot glasses, brownie bowls, mugs, or colorful mismatched trays.

The Base: Ice Cream Choices

Keeping it simple lends guests to add on toppings that will give it the exact texture and taste that they want. You can never go wrong with a vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate base. For lighter options, throw a fruit sorbet in the mix. For creamier textures, gelato is a must. To truly wow your friends, consider making a basic vanilla in your home. There are plenty of recipes that use regular kitchen supplies and that can be prepared ahead of time. Ice cream can be creatively stored in a metal drinks cooler with some ice while it is being displayed. Don’t forget to place a little bit of warm water in a cup with the scoop so that the ice cream is easy to remove.

Get Saucy

Store- bought or homemade, guests will be thanking you for your excellent sauce collection. Hot fudge is a classic. Other favorites include caramel, strawberry sauce, and marshmallow fluff or whipped cream. Sauces can be displayed in all sorts of glassware including small pitchers or vases. For a creative change of pace, also consider placing out local preserves or honey. You never know what new creation one of your guests will leave your guests asking for more.

The Endless Topping Possibility

After the sauce, a variety of sundae toppings is a must. However, there are so many routes to go! You can have a candy theme, mix in some fun cereal, add nuts, or leave it beautiful with a fruit display. Your party aesthetic can be reflected in your toppings choice but it can also just be a mixture of items that you know your guests will like. Consider placing the items in mason jars or small wooden boxes with scoops for some added charm.

The bottom line: sundae bars offer guests the ability to create a dessert that is all their own. This year, fill your house with friends and your stomach with dessert- party-planning stress is so last year.


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