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DIY Party Bunting: Easy, Cheap & Festive

By Francoisetmoi

Sylvia turns two this month, and the week leading up to her birthday, she talked non-stop about her party: the people who were coming and all the 'treats' she was going to eat. I wanted to decorate the house to help make her party special and festive, but I didn't want to spend $$ on decorations that we may never use again.

We have a colorful paper stash in my blog room that I use for projects + Sylvie colors on. I have a love/hate with 'stashes'. I love having materials on hand to craft-or in Sylvie's case play with-but stashes also just seem to take up space in our small house. So I thought what better way to deplete the stash than make a colorful party bunting?

I also have a ginormous spool of baker's twine leftover from my wedding 6 YEARS AGO, that I swear is bottomless, so I used that to string together the bunting. All in all, I spent zero dollar bills to make this project and man, that feels good!

Here's the video tutorial on how to make the bunting. I hope you enjoy the bright blue socks that I'm wearing towards the end of the video. I forgot I was wearing them until editing the video hours later. #dangit

That said, check out my socks in the video, and then read on in this post for the detailed material list and step by step instructions.

  • 8″x 11″ (or larger) paper in various colors-anything from cardstock to printer paper weight will work!
  • String (I used baker's twine)
  • 4.25″ x 5.5″ piece of cardboard to use for template
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Heavy duty tape or Command Hooks for installing garland
Create the Bunting Template:
  1. Mark the midpoint of one of the short edges of the cardboard rectangle.
  2. Use your ruler straight edge to draw diagonal lines from each of opposite corners to the midpoint.
  3. Cut along diagonal lines to form the triangle template.
Make the Bunting Flags:
  1. Fold a piece of paper in fourths.
  2. Align the short side of the triangle with the paper's folded short edge.
  3. Trace template onto paper. Cut along traced lines to yield two folded triangle flags.
  4. Repeat several times depending on the party bunting length you're after.
Assemble the Garland:
  1. Cut string to desired length.
  2. Apply double sided tape along the interior diagonal edges of the paper.
  3. Place string along interior fold of flag, and close the two paper layers together.
  4. Repeat with remaining bunting flags.
  5. Hang party bunting using Command hooks or strong tape!

If you're either: A. in a pinch for affordable party decorations, OR B. need an excuse to deplete your craft paper stash, then hopefully you find this party bunting project to be just what you need for your next party. That's it for today, I leave you with this snap of the birthday girl THOROUGHLY enjoying her "treat"!

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