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DIY House-Shaped Clipboards

By Francoisetmoi

Ken and I recently saw a couple at the grocery store with their shopping list clipped to a mini clipboard, checking off items and making notes on the list as they made their way through the store, and as they rolled their cart past ours, Ken and I had a collective moment of thinking, ‘What a great idea!’ 

We’re either fumbling with a folded crumpled paper list or using a list made on our iPhones–which I have mistakenly deleted (more than once) 1/2 way through the shopping trip. Crikey!

House Shaped Clipboards | Francois et Moi
So I decided to whip up a few fun, clipboards (house-shaped, of course!) for our next grocery trip and for around the house. Not only are these great for grocery shopping, but also perfect for anyone taking a class this Fall that’s outside the classroom. Make a pretty clipboard for yourself with the tutorial over at Homedit!

DIY House Shaped Clipboards for Homedit | Francois et Moi
Colorful House Clipboards for Back to School | Francois et Moi


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