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DIY Floral Window Display

By Leslielazard @leslielazard

diy floral window display

The windows in the store had been looking pretty Plain Jane (think just two sister mannequins standing in the window) since we opened a couple of months ago, so I thought it was past time I give them a little Spring makeover. I wasn’t exactly sure of what kind of display I wanted but I knew I wanted something that involved florals. I originally thought about a display with huge colorful paper flowers, but when I stumbled upon these floral garlands on sale in Michael’s I knew they would be perfect. This was so simple I don’t know if I should even call it a DIY! And best of all it took under an hour to complete and cost around $50!


  • about 6-10 floral garlands from your local craft store (I purchased mine from Michael’s) in varying colors
  • thumbtacks
  • watering can
  • small accent table

Once you’ve picked up all of your supplies, simply use your thumbtacks to secure each floral garland in place on the windows. Have fun with it and play around with draping them in various different ways! Optional – grab a small accent table and add a floral display and watering can as props. Pretty simple right!? So easy that I’m already planning my next store DIY. I saw a few store displays online which involved the use of wooden crates, pallets, and vintage ladders. Can’t wait to recreate those and add my own twist to it!

diy floral window display

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