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DIY Easter Flower Arrangement

By Ty Watson
DIY Easter Flower Arrangement

Happy Spring, y'all! Are y'all ready for Easter? Um, we are! With Easter just around the corner we could all use a fresh change to welcome in the beautiful NEW season, right? Flower arrangements featuring beautiful hues of bright blues, pretty purples, precious pinks and wondrous whites are the perfect way to brighten up your home after the long, dreary winter. It's always nice to have a beautiful NEW floral centerpiece for your table, right? But let's face it - floral centerpieces can be quite expensive. If you're looking for a beautiful new floral centerpiece for Easter that's affordable and easy-to-make - you simply can't go wrong with this adorable DIY Easter Flower Arrangement. Cute, right?

DIY Easter Flower Arrangement

A glass
A clear Vase
Purple and Blue Bunny Peeps
Sparkly Eggs (Available at the dollar store)
Flowers (Various Colors and you can choose to use real or fake flowers, depending on how long you would like it to last!)

1) Start with tying your blue ribbon around the top of the vase and tie it in a bow

2) Put your glass in the vase in the middle

3) Around the glass, put your peeps in! You can choose to alternate the colors or like I did, put a ring of blue and two rings of purple!

4) Place your flowers in the glass inside the vase! Being sure that you evenly distribute the colors of the flowers if you have various colors

5) Put your eggs and a few different peeps on skewers and place throughout the arrangement of flowers!

6) All Done! See, that was easy right?!

You now have a beautiful, seasonal arrangement that will look awesome for your Holiday and Gatherings throughout the Spring season!

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