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DIY: Dog Ring Holder

By Kristy @mileydailyscoop
Besides being a dog mom, I love to craft. I definitely don't consider myself a crafter - more like a wannabe crafter.
At night when the Goldens are at my feet or trying to snuggle their way onto my lap, I am searching and pinning some adorable DIY projects.
Once I save the pin to one of my many boards it will sit there...forever.
From time to time I will go back and look at all the fun projects that I had every intention on doing...someday.
Well that day has finally come! Yippeee!
Today, we are getting crafty with an adorable DIY Dog Ring Holder! I was inspired by this project on the Michael's project idea page and thought this would make a great Valentine gift for any dog lover.
diy Valentine project dog ring holder Here are the supplies you'll need: White Craft Paint Liquid Gilding- Gold Weldbond® Adhesive Soft Bristle Paint Brush Small Foam brush Small Dog Figurines 4 inch Clay Saucer Glitter Letters (optional) supplies for a diy dog ring holder project Instructions:
Paint the entire saucer with white paint, it will take several thin coats.
dog ring holder project for Valentine's Day Once the saucer is completely dry, paint the rim and the dog with the Gold Gilding. Gilding has a strong odor so make sure you are working in a well ventilated area with the dogs in another room.
diy dog ring holder craft project for Valentine's day Let the gold dry completely then just glue the dog onto the saucer, add some glitter letters (optional) and let dry for an hour.
golden retriever dog ring holder Valentine gift I was so happy at the way this came out that I made a couple more...
dog ring holder diy gift for Valentine's Day You can create and personalize your dish any way you'd like, the options are endless!
diy dog ring holder Valentine gift I think it's safe to say that these are Golden-approved, I am so glad I FINALLY made these!
golden retriever dog ring holder project for valentine's day Do you like to craft? If so, what was the last project you made? Let us know in the comments below!

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