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DIY Decorative Concrete Fence Panels

By Mattnem05 @mattnem05

Concrete fence panels - Instead of using a fence post smooth wood, use a pole of decorative concrete for a more durable, attractive look. You could buy one in a store home improvement, but these are expensive and does not allow for customization. Making your own takes little time and effort and will be fully customized to suit your needs. Use the finished product as a cover for the end of the fence or create a functional fence post.

DIY Decorative Concrete Fence Panels

Build a box of four boards 2 inches thick and a piece of wood to create a mold for the position. Fill inside the sandbox playground. Mix the water in the sand to the sand retains its shape when formed into a ball. The amount of sand required depends on the size of the wooden box. Draw the outline of the concrete fence panels post in the middle of the sand with the tip of his finger. Once you like the shape and size of the drawing, dig the shape using a garden trowel. Leave a 2-inch to 3 inches from the wall of sand on all sides of the entrance to create a sand mold.

Build a decorative concrete fence panels, creating a pattern of small mosaic tiles along the three walls of sand. Press the tiles on the sand halfway with the decorative side in the sand. Prepare a batch mixing concrete Quick Setup dry concrete with water according to package directions. Pour the concrete prepared in the sand mold. Let the concrete to cure for three to four days. Once the concrete sets, by removing the sand. Dust the outside of the post with a brush to remove sand.

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