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DIY Animal Jar Tops

By Unitherapy @UniTherapy
DIY Animal Jar Tops
Some time ago I saw a couple of blog posts (don't ask me where), where the bloggers made/bought some very cure animal jar tops. The first thing I thought was that I could make these just as well. The very next time I was at the thrift store I dived into the toy section to find nothing. After a couple more weeks and thrift stores I finally found a bag of toy animals!
DIY Animal Jar TopsDIY Animal Jar TopsDIY Animal Jar Tops
I cleaned then and painted them in several layers with water proof acrylic paint. I did not really know how to fix them on the lids of the jars. I started out by trying to screw an elephant leg to the lid of a peanut butter jar, and I failed miserably. Not only was it very hard to get several screws through the lid, it was impossible to get the screws into the elephants legs in such a way that they did not stick out. So, I decided on super-gluing the animals and the lids together. Even though I had my doubts in the beginning, and it took ages to dry, it turned out amazingly well! I would like to try this out with some dinosaurs too, to make some treat jars for Tom and his colleagues.

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