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By Emma @lamodedemm

So I think I've mentioned before that I really can't do my make-up. And for soo long I've always admired others who can, complimented looks I wish I could do and even asked those who are super awesome at it to teach me. But I grew really tired of acting like I didn't live in the 21st century and have decided to just experiment ... as I do in all aspects of my life. 

There was one night last week I couldn't sleep so I decided to watch a lot of make up tutorials on youtube just to get a feel for what I should be doing when applying x, y and z. I think there's such a huge gap in the market for make-up beginners because a lot of the assumption is that girls can automatically make themselves look soo perfect. And that's not the case - well for me anyway.

So this week, I have been experimenting and came across some super great beginner products in Superdrug that I wanted to share with you guys and anyone else looking to ease themselves gently into the make-up world!

I ordered some brushes from Amazon (because genuinely they're cheaper) and  I had to google because I had no clue what some were meant for! I enlisted  help from my friend Comf whose sister is a whizz at this stuff and she walked me through. It's awesome to be in the company of someone who is even the slightest bit more knowledgeable than you!

These were around £12 and I love the nifty case.

(I also went into Mac just because I happened to be in Westfield Stratford and I was in search of the perfect foundation. But to be honest I left rather disappointed. The woman I had was super unreceptive (not that this is a sweeping generalisation of all Mac workers) and I believe she didn't get my tone right. I'm not really a fan of foundation so this has put me off for now; but if you guys know other brands that are good for darker skin tones like mine, please let me know!)

Like I said, I watched a couple of videos about make-up bag essentials and I kept coming across:

1) Primer
2) Eyebrow Pencil
3) Nude / Red Lip Liner
4) Clear lipgloss (which I still don't have)
5) Concealer
6) Mascara
These were the recurring basics and I managed to acquire 5/6 of them (which isn't bad, right?!)

My Make Up Bags:


I'm unsure how I managed to acquire 3, but I like organisation. So the one on the left has intimate eye products like mascara and eye liner, whilst the middle ones has all of my eyeshadows and the one on the right has everything else I use on my face (minus the misplaced Rimmel mascara!). I am quite aware how this happened; my mom used to have a super make-up rep friend who used to bring her make up and she passed them on to me, but at the time I wasn't interested so that's pretty much how my collection started.

For this week, I decided to focus on my eyes so I bought a few eye products to get started with. I was soo happy when I came across NYC's Individual Eyes eyeshadow palette which comes neatly packed and labelled with instructions on where each product goes on your eye. There are also different palettes available according to your eye color. To be honest with you, this was such a relief because I was then able to easily and quickly form looks. I would definitely recommend this as a starting point for beginners.

NYC's Individual Eyes eyeshadow palette Brown Eyes La Mode D'Emm
NYC's Individual Eyes eyeshadow palette Brown Eyes La Mode D'Emm
NYC's Individual Eyes eyeshadow palette Brown Eyes La Mode D'Emm

Here is Monday's look I create with it:

NYC's Individual Eyes eyeshadow palette Brown Eyes La Mode D'Emm
NYC's Individual Eyes eyeshadow palette Brown Eyes La Mode D'Emm

(The winged eye-liner is something I've recently started doing but I absolutely love; adds a 'je ne sais qui' but is damn hard to match and get perfect over eyeshadow!)

I couldn't help myself after that so I went and bought the Revolution Redemption Palette 'Romantic Smoked' because I have always had a thing for smoky make-up. 

Revolution Redemption Palette 'Romantic Smoked' La Mode D'Emm
Revolution Redemption Palette 'Romantic Smoked' La Mode D'Emm

I'm yet to discover this palette in all of its glory, and after all I'm still learning, but today I tried a darker look using 3 of the tones from this palette:

Revolution Redemption Palette 'Romantic Smoked' La Mode D'Emm
Revolution Redemption Palette 'Romantic Smoked' La Mode D'Emm

So this has been a super long post, but I hope it has at least helped one person. I'll document my progress as always but I'm always open to advice, techniques, tricks .....

Be motivated,


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