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Ditch Gardens and Deck Decorations

By Kate_miller

Ditch Gardens and Deck Decorations

Nasturtiums grown from seed decorate our sunny deck.

Don't ya just love Sunday mornings? As opposed to Monday mornings when you feel obligated to attack that lengthy list of must-do's vs. wanna do's.

Ditch Gardens and Deck Decorations

Sit a spell. (See close-ups below of the climbing vines.)

I cheerfully wasted the whole of Sunday puttering about the gardens, pulling weeds, and saying thank you over and over again.
The 'thank you' part is a little bit of a blessing and way more of a curse...

Ditch Gardens and Deck Decorations

Clematis climbing vines smile at you from one corner of the deck's privacy screen.

This WAS a cute little country cottage when I first bought it. But, I've gained tons of new neighbors in the last 8 years. So many that I live 'in town' again. New Town, as they call it. My quiet little old ranch road has evolved into a busy thoroughfare. And, a popular bicycle path.

Ditch Gardens and Deck Decorations

About 100 honeysuckles decorate the other part of the privacy screen.

Now I have an audience while I'm working in the garden. (Which I'm not too thrilled about. Especially when I'm out there in my pajamas.)
I do love the fact that they're so appreciative of my efforts. Calling out: Beautiful flowers! So pretty! as they peddle by.

Ditch Gardens and Deck Decorations

This used to be the weedy ditch in front of my house.

That's because I gave 'em something to take their mind off the fact that they're peddling uphill. I have the prettiest ditch on the old ranch road!
Over the last 2 years, I slowly, methodically, killed off the crabgrass and dandelions covering the steep ditch in front of my house. Then I filled it with tough as nails waterwise perennials that happily wave in the breeze.
Ditch Gardens and Deck Decorations
Butterflies play there. Bees are a buzzin'. Teeny green Hummingbirds whiz past my head. It's quickly become my favorite spot in the garden. Even if I do feel compelled to comb my hair before I head out there and say hello to passers by...
PS: Welcome back from the Seattle Fling, garden blogging buddies! I pouted all weekend because I couldn't join you...

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