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Districts Assist Schools to Learn Spanish and English Excellently

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Learners learning two languages at the same time are really an advantage. Although some students are having difficulties in adjusting, still, the result can be worthwhile.

And this is what Sixth-graders Osvaldo Jimnez and Izabel Stohel have witnessed in their McLoughlin Middle School in Pasco to which most of the students in their dual language class don’t excel in their first language.”

spanish programs in schools in Kennewick and Pasco

Columbia river crossed by Cable bridge which connects Pasco and Kennewick, WA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s kind of ironic how a person cannot really master his own native language? An English native is having difficulties in learning English language? In the same way, people native with Spanish language cannot master the full level of Spanish language itself?

There certainly are circumstances where native speakers are indeed having difficulties in mastering their own native language. Foreign language schools are trying their best to overcome such difficulties, especially the McLoughlin Middle School.

Well, according to this news, the Pasco and Kennewick school districts each have several hundred students in dual language programs. And in fairness to these districts, they have helped various schools to teach effective curriculum so that students can learn and master English and Spanish language. As of now, the districts have about 50 students per grade level in the program, with about a 50-50 split between native English and native Spanish speakers.

Quoting what the news detailed, each district approaches the dual language curriculum differently. Kennewick teachers aim for a more 50-50 split between teaching in Spanish and English. Pasco, at the lower grade levels, teaches more in Spanish and increases the amount of English instruction as students advance with each grade. The districts also change up the subjects taught in each language. Harvey said Kennewick students in third through fifth grades are taught math in Spanish, but now are learning history, social studies and language arts in Spanish.

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