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Disney TSUM TSUM Squishes

By Evette Garside @evette77

Yes I also wondered how the word TSUM TSUM is pronounced and it's actually pronounced zoom zoom.

TSUM TSUM are the adorable Disney squishy "stack 'em, collect 'em" craze sweeping the UK! Originating from a highly engaging and fast-paced smartphone app in Japan in 2013, the TSUM TUM Squishies toys have been a massive hit with children in the UK!

These are the new generation collectable craze, adorable little squishy oblong Disney superstar characters are ideal to collect and swap with friends and stack on top of each other.

The first wave launched by ZURU had 50 characters to collect - featuring characters from Disney's most iconic films from Mickey Mouse to Frozen's Elsa including Rare and Ultra Rare characters to collect! The Tsum Tsum come in packs of 2, 4 and 5. The 5 pack includes a carry caribinar.

This is one of the 4 packs.

Disney TSUM TSUM squishes

There are 3 visible Tsum Tsums visible in the pack and one surprise hidden one. Thus giving us out first four characters out of a possible 50.

Disney TSUM TSUM squishes

Our surprise here is the 101 Dalmatians character and we also have Anna, Baymark and we think the other girl character is Boo from Monsters inc but are a little confused on this one?

Disney TSUM TSUM squishes

The characters are small and squashy and have a smooth rubbery texture. They are also ever so slightly sticky when removed from the packaging.

Disney TSUM TSUM squishes

They don't do much by way of toys, more a novelty collectable thing that can be placed on drawers or desks and may just be popular in the playground for swapping.

The ultra rare figures are all in gold and are Elsa, Mickey, Olaf and Alice.

The age guide is 3 and over. I have already caught Izebella putting these in her mouth so be cautious around younger ones as they are quite small.

The packs start from £2.99 and there is a playset too.

Zuru will soon be releasing series 2 which will be flocked Tsum Tsum which will be furry and squishy.

Disney TSUM TSUM squishes

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