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Disney Hatch n Heroes

By Evette Garside @evette77

Whag do we have here I wonder? Hmm looks like a box of eggs! 

Disney Hatch n Heroes

Only this is no normal egg box of course, because inside its full of mini Disney heroes. 

Disney Hatch n Heroes

This new egg-citing range of characters come from Bandai. In the box they look like coloured egg shape toys but on closer inspection we find that each one is actually a well known Disney hero just waiting to be hatched. These fun articulated figures turn from egg to hero in a few simple steps and kids can collect them all.

Many well known Disney favourites launched last month (February 2015) and included the brand new Big Hero 6 Baymax. 

Disney Hatch n Heroes

Along with classic Toy Story characters Woody and Buzz, fishy friends Nemo and Dory from Finding Nemo and Frozen's ever-popular Olaf. New 2015 collections will see the expansion to include friends from Disney Pixar Cars and Toy Story as well as a range of classic dinosaurs.

Well all 3 of my chikdren were quite excited with what they found inside the egg box, much better than eggs anyday. We have 4 of the Hatch n Hero toys in total. Each one fits snuggly into a normal egg box when unassembled making them very handy to store. They don't really come with much in the way of instructions or ours didn't anyway,just a few picture diagrams, so it's really a case of working out how it all changes and transforms into the mini heroes like these. 

Disney Hatch n Heroes

Some are a little trickier than others as Ryan and Jordanna soon found out. Olaf was very easy and the hardest was the Lightening McQueen figure as even I struggled to work out what goes where. They can be slightly fiddly and tricky and sometimes the parts come off too but still all kids love their little figures don't they. 

Disney Hatch n Heroes

If I had to compare them to toys from my own childhood then I would say a cross between transformers and kinder eggs.

Hatch n Heroes are aimed at both boys and girls alike and both Ryan and Jordanna were fighting over them. Jordanna of course wanting Olaf straight away.

Hatch n Heroes are ready hatching around toy shops in the UK and can also be found on Amazon via a search. They cost about £7.99 each and I imagine they will be very collectable and maybe even swappable with school age kids. With Easter just a few weeks away (Yes already, I can hear the parents sighing from here!) these would make a nice little extra gift and even a good alternative to all that chocolate.

Find out more over at Bandai who also have a very cool Facebook page. Plus look out for a cracking microsite over on Pop fun UK and an upcoming video very soon!

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