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Disk Analyzer Pro: Disk Cleanup & Management App for Mac

Posted on the 21 June 2016 by Jyoti Arora @Jy0tiAr0ra

Is this the question on your mind? Well, more often than not, it is eaten up by redundant data on your Mac. YES, redundant data.

Think again and look upon your Mac hard drive. You will find plenty of giant sized files, unwanted ones and so on. Thus, nothing less than low disk storage will be the consequence. This issue can be addressed with an application like Disk Analyzer Pro.

Disk Analyzer Pro is a disk management application for Mac. The app basically helps you find all sort of files on your disk and organize them to have 100% disk utility. Simply stating, the app can help you in finding unwanted files on your disk.


The app starts off with a striking UI. You will be asked to select a disk to scan. Thereafter, it will scan and come up with all file details that your disk contains.

These details are presented in the form of summary. Each summary has its type of files and details are listed therein. The app makes disk management on Mac easier by providing different summaries. You can have a preview of all these summaries and delete them from the app itself.

Sound Features of Disk Analyzer Pro

The app has many features which are worth appreciation. These are listed below:

    Summaries: First and foremost we'd talk about the summaries of Disk Analyzer Pro. This disk utility for Mac has got many summaries which list files according to their type. For instance, all big sized files are listed on the 'File Size' summary and alike.
  • Delete: Not only does the Disk Analyzer Pro come up with your Mac's disk usage, it also allows you to delete unwanted files. You can preview them in respective summary and delete using File Explorer. Just select any file or folder and delete them with delete button.
  • Zip: You can also make a zip files of your mac disk usage, using Disk Analyzer Pro. For this again, you need to select the file and zip it into a file.
  • Copy & Move: You can create copies of your files and move them to different location on your Mac, using Disk Analyzer Pro. Follow the same process and create copy of a file or move it to a new location.
Disk Analyzer Pro: Cleanup Management
Disk Analyzer Pro: Disk Cleanup & Management App for Mac
    File Formats: The app supports all major file types and formats. Like image, documents, financial, e-books, video, audio, and other files.
    Additional Benefits of Disk Analyzer Pro's Scanning: All major files get listed on their respective summaries. But the app has one more separate summary for additional files like duplicate files, download copies, etc. You can find them all with 'All Folders and SubFolders List'.
    Filters: You can also search for any file using filters of this disk utility app. This allows you quick and customize search.

Disk Analyzer Pro has got a decent interface with an easy-going process to delete unwanted files from Mac. It eliminates the long and tedious method of detecting and deleting redundant files. In addition to all this, the summaries that this app has are intact and through. Therefore, this app can be of much use to the users who are looking for ways to run a deep cleanup on their Mac.

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