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Disgusting and Obnoxious Drag Queens.

By Bestfunnyblog @bestfunnyblog

Disgusting and Obnoxious Drag Queens.I’ll admit- I didn’t finish half of these videos because they were beyond comprehension. I work in a gay bar and witness drag queens all the time, but I have a big heart for the supper trashy ones. These tasteless videos are what anyone needs after a day living in this sick society. Please refrain from S##&!ing your pants. You may want to take a s##!/vomit break first. Thanks.

[Stoners: make sure you light up before watching these or else you will not be able to sleep for weeks].

This is terrifying. I don’t give a ##&! he’s a she. That thing is pizza face central.

“I don’t have my eyelashes on, because I’m a newbie queen.”

“Oh just one sec. I gotta make sure there ain’t no run in my hose.” Love the “Popsicles” T Shirt” ;)

This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Was this filmed in the corner of a trailer? BRB I have to throw up after seeing that cheetah one piece.

I seriously s##! my pants a bit when this thing opened.

What in the hell is this trash? The dude is about to topple tits.

That was absolutely terrible. But I enjoyed the outfits and the trashy backdrop.

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