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By Thebhoymcclay @thebhoymcclay7

Admiration for people is usually blighted by jealousy and self-pity for me. What stops us taking a chance in life when the opportunity arises? I felt a big step for me was starting a blog, but then I realised it wasn’t particularly tasking or original – especially when I watched the social network last week & realised people have been doing it for years.

There are many people close to me who put me to shame in this respect – I only have to look at my list of social media friends to see there are musical artists, globetrotters and even explorers. Yes my cousin,!/KHalfP is an actual, Bear Grylls jungle expedition type who has just returned from Peru with a team looking for a lost city. It is that type of endeavour and inspiration that I wish I could instill in my own being – and not only that,  they are now making a film documentary which they hope to have screened on television with the footage and heroics they captured whilst away. This man previously worked and blogged for a company which pressured him into trying out activities & reporting on them for stag weekends – he is kind of like my local hero this chap!!

Taking a chance is exactly that, because there is a possibility things might not work out and you could just end up in the same position, or worse. But then again, you would be happy in your life with no regrets – how happy will you be looking back at missed opportunities. Every day I think to myself, leave work/do a college course/write a book/learn a language/become a photographer/start a business, and one day I may – but for the minute is there too much to lose in a world of no job or work certainty?

Social media now can make anyone famous – bloggers, journo’s, reality stars and glamour models are making their name and dime every day by grabbing followers and developing their book of possible clients – so is it easier than ever to make the break? With such a groundswell of people to follow, watch & comment on it is probably harder to be different and stand out from the crowd – for now I’ll just sit quietly and wait to pounce when you least expect it, I’ll take my chance eventually.

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