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Dirty Streets - Blades Of Grass

Posted on the 04 July 2013 by Ripplemusic
Dirty Streets - Blades Of Grass
Zeppelin, Black Crowes, Humble Pie, Rolling Stones....it's all here rolled into one complete tight sound and lit up for your approval. Taking in all of the classic rock sound waves flooding from my headphones. Clean production. Lyrics are perfect foil to the lock solid rhythm section. Good guitar sound for the solo. Gibson and marshalls at ten maybe. I'm hearing a lot of bluesy influences.
"Talk", which is the second track hits off like a normal well oiled classic rock machine and then slides into this dementia of soundscaping echoes and trippy 60's era sound effects. Ethereal visions of 60's idealism.

"No Need To Rest"...reminds me of Free and Hendrix in terms of delivery and phrasings. Guitar is out of this world. Exceptional but not over driven or flashy. I'm digging this.

"Try Harder" and "I Believe I found Myself" are two real standout tracks on this album.Production is clear and controlled, creative and crushing.

"Blades Of Grass" builds slowly and kicks you right in the face. Heavy in its own right but tempered to deliver all of the majesty and power of this tune. These guys know how to control this beast of a blues rock caravan they are driving. Simple and powerful, elegant and raw.

Throughout the listening I found myself raising the volume higher and higher. Finally I just took my headphones off and opened all the windows. This is a band that needs to be heard and played loud. My only request would be more distorted lead work but all in all a damn good album. "I believe I found Myself" is one awesome track....gov't mule, Cream....it's all here. This band is rock solid. The atmosphere surrounding these tunes is inviting. The sound they are producing is not new but it has a new spin, a new taste to the classic rock recipe.
7 horns up

1. Stay Thirsty
2. Talk
3. No Need To Rest
4. Movements #2
5. Try Harder
6. Blades Of Grass
7. Keep An Eye Out
8. Heart Of The Sky
9. Truth
10. Twice
11. I Believe I Found Myself (bonus track exclusive to CD and digital download)

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