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Dirty Grandpa (2016) Review

Posted on the 27 January 2016 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7


Lawyer Jason Kelly seems to have his life mapped out in front of him, getting ready for his wedding. Everything is about to change after his grandmother dies and his Grandpa wants him to drive him to Florida to meet up with an old friend.

When a film has “dirty” in the title you just know it isn’t going to be pretty. Obviously I had seen the trailers as well so thought I knew exactly what to expect. It actually turned out that it was dirty in a whole different level, a very rude and crude level which at times meant it was not even funny it was just cringeworthy and well pretty awful. Like some of the jokes and actual scenes were just too much at times.

The thing is though it started out looking pretty normal with Jason attending his grandmothers funeral and right away we don’t like his fiancé as see sits on her phone picking out his tie for the rehearsal dinner. It comes pretty clear though that he has not really had a lot to do with his grandfather as he grew up, but that was a different story when he was a kid.

So Grandfather wants Jason to drive him to Florida and promises it is only for a few days and to see his friend. The thing is though Grandpa has other ideas and things on his mind as he wants to well pretty much have sex with every single girl they see. As you can imagine the truly awful moments that is going to produce. Not to mention getting drunk and high, something which was not really needed.

I will admit that a few moments did make me laugh, at times maybe just a nervous laugh with what had just happened. The thing is though the film also made me feel very sad. Sad that De Niro took on such a role, I mean come on he was an incredible actor and has the back catalog to prove it. In recent years he has become a parody (I loved The Intern) and this is certainly a very low moment in his glittering career. I thought Efron came across a little better but it’s nothing we haven’t really seen him do before, pretty much what if his ‘Bad Neighbours’ character grew up? But those abs though, wow!

In the end it had a pretty interesting story in the turn it took and the whole point of well everything, but that was too little too late to actually save it. Which is a shame as if some of the jokes and moments had been toned down I think this review would be very different. But when the aim seems to be to shock the viewer with an old man doing things, all well sex related that’s when you really have to wonder just well why?

I’m therefore not going to recommend that you catch this one at the cinema as I really wouldn’t want to be responsible for that. If you do decide to watch it though please let me know how you found it. As I haven’t really managed to find anything good to say about it at all, or even mention some of the filthy scenes.

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