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Direct Advertising Vrs Modern Direct Response Marketing

Posted on the 17 January 2014 by Zafar @seompdotcom

Direct Advertising Or Modern Direct Response Marketing?

With businesses and trends constantly evolving, which one is better, direct advertising or modern direct response marketing? In some aspects of business and career, some traditional methods work better than modern radical ones, on some instance, it may be the reverse. In this case, let’s start by defining both of these marketing terms.

Direct Advertising Or Modern Direct Response Marketing?

Direct Advertising Or Modern Direct Response Marketing?

Direct Advertising

Direct advertising or marketing is a traditional method where companies put out ads everywhere they can, or everywhere they can afford. Most big companies do this, media ads flashing their brand and product, of how good it is, how delicious, how beautiful it is. These ads can be on billboards, on TV or in the internet. Anyone who sees the advertisement sees the brand and product but the ad itself doesn’t solicit a response to buy, rather, it tries to imprint its name on a consumer’s memory.

Big companies like food and beer brands, and designer clothing uses direct advertising extensively. It’s effective in imprinting brand names but it’s expensive. In order to saturate the market, one has to extensively put their ads everywhere or in all targeted locations they can. In general, there is no control for target audience, except for the community where the company places their ads. There is no guarantee of sale because there is no prompt for immediate response from viewers.

Small business and entrepreneurs can also do this, but most them fail because of the expenses related to this type of marketing. For example, to overcome the rating of Coca Cola or Pepsi, a new soda brand has to overpower the advertisements made by these giants, in order to squeeze into people’s minds that there’s a new brand in town. Most often, small businesses that try to imitate this marketing strategy, often fail even though they have quality or unique products. And the only ones that earn big in this case, would be the ad companies.

Modern Direct Response Marketing

With the internet and rise on other marketing media, modern direct response marketing became the prime choice for smaller businesses. This method solicits direct response from a consumer, to buy the product or not. This can also go through various marketing mediums, via phone, email, websites or social networks. The most common example of direct response marketing is phone sales. A company’s marketing department gathers contact numbers of potential clients. A sales agent calls the number, and introduces the product. The response marketing method enters when the sales agent builds rapport not just to introduce the product, but to attract the consumer to buy it. If the client is interested and gets sold by the sales talk, it’s a lead that gets converted to revenue. That’s the main difference of direct response marketing from direct advertising.

Targeted Audience

Rather than spending marketing budget on sales ads that may or may not generate leads, smaller businesses would rather spend money and targeted audience with higher possibility of generating sales. After all, it’s the customer that brings the money to the bank, not the advertisements. Modern direct response marketing utilizes online media nowadays, apart from phone sales agents. Online ads now shows the contact number, the pricing, and directs visitors to sales landing pages rather than homepages. Also, advertising in social networks provide better filter on a targeted market.

Measurable results

Direct response marketing provides data on which leads gets converted. Businesses have direct measure on how effective their marketing methods are in terms of conversions. This can also help in market analysis, which types of consumers are more likely to respond, which products and pricing produce more sales.

Need for rapport and sales talk

This method requires skills in sales talk and rapport because there is direct contact to potential clients. Sales agents talk about products in relation to customer’s interest or business, rather than being general. For online direct response marketing ads, sales landing pages include testimonies, scenarios and personal voice to engage directly to its ready.

Both marketing strategies are still effective, but its usage will be based on results one business needs. If its branding, and long term market saturation, most business go for extensive direct advertising. However for start-ups and smaller businesses, it would advisable to focus first on modern direct response marketing to generate more revenue.

Direct Advertising Or Modern Direct Response Marketing?
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Direct Advertising Or Modern Direct Response Marketing?
With businesses and trends constantly evolving, which one is better, direct advertising or modern direct response marketing?

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