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Dior Haute Couture, Spring 2013 Being Snowed Under Since Xmas, I...

By Lauramoodley

Dior Haute Couture, Spring 2013

Being snowed under since Xmas, I know that Im a bit behind with the fashion week news, so please forgive me!

Seeing the Dior show for the first time was quite emotional (especially with that sound track), because i realized how much John Galliano truly F***ed up! 

The Whole collection here is beautiful and elegant and wearable - but it felt more like a Chanel show than anything - just look at the white set, the shoes, the colour palette and even the creations themselves… The scream Chanel not Dior.

Raf Simons had some pretty big shoes to fill when he took the position of head designer, and i think hes done very well considering but a year in, and im getting a bit bored. As a massive Dior & ex Galliano fan, I feel like the Simons collections at my favorite couture house are all getting a bit samey. I understand that Dior probably wanted to take a more commercial direction, and i have no doubts that this collection is wearable and sell-able, However it is vastly missing they key factor of Haute Couture… to put it technically: its missing some OOOMF! lol :p

Dont get me wrong, every piece of this collection is beautiful and made with a kind of skill that us mere mortals can only dream of, but I didnt have that dramatic, exciting, Lust that I used to get during such shows. The Silhouette used here has been practically the same throughout all of the Simons for Dior Collections, with a few minor changes…So I hope that the next show will blow it out of the water with something fantastic, new and aw-inspiring 

xoxo LLM

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