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Dion Lee

By Masfashion

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Oh Dion Lee! Be still my heart! I first spotted Dion Lee on Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage Instagram last year. She was wearing this incredible skirt that I could not get off my mind. I immediately bookmarked the designer and said I would check them out when I had time. Eight months later I am finally getting around to tell you all about them. Everything is so unique and tailored that it is hard to not be impressed. I love the minimalistic yet futuristic approach to their designs. They are basic with a twist – hello dream designer!

Okay, so maybe I am not doing him justice in my terrible attempt to write about him or his designs, so I will let you read what the mecca of all fashion, VOGUE said about him. “At times it must seem to Dion Lee like he is balancing the weight of the entire Australian fashion industry, and at 24 that’s quite a load to bear. But while his star may be ascending swiftly, the attention to detail has not been compromised. Inspired by the construction of clothing, traditional tailoring techniques are cleverly morphed with experimental treatments, resulting in cutting-edge garments that are also highly functional – working women seek out the designer’s sharp jackets just as discerning party girls clamber for his inventive cocktail frocks.” Ummmm, wow! Impeccably said, Vouge. You can keep your job!  Anyone else ready to see some of his designs?

Dion Lee
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