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Dimsum Bros, Gurgaon – Chef’s Table New Menu Debut

By Indian Food Freak @IFoodFreak

Happy faces“If music be the food of love, play on;

Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting,

The appetite may sicken, and so die…”

If “music” were to be replaced by “Dimsum” I would have been compelled to share Duke Orsino’s sentiment in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”, at last week’s Chef’s Table menu of Dimsum Brothers, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. The evening showcased 60 odd new dumplings that the popular restaurant had conjured up for its new menu. And we bloggers had the enviable task of tasting the same.

Almond Prawn Wasabi
The revamped menu featuring some old favourites like Almonds Prawns with Wasabi Mayo, Beijing Chicken Dumpling, was both exhaustive in its variety and experimental in tastes and flavours. Something familiar, most things new, is a sure way to please the patrons!


ehow lately, the city restaurants are rustling up good vegetarian dishes, seeming to have woken up to the needs and preferences of the usually marginalized vegetarians amongst us. More attention is being given to tease and seduce the vegetarian palates. Dimsum Brothers was no exception.

The Vegetable Vietnamese Roll was translucent and delicately spiced reminding one of the country’s Gallic heritage while the Spicy Thai Asparagus Dumpling was resplendent with the multifaceted flavours of the SE Asian nation. The Malay inspired Vegetarian roll wrapped in poached lettuce leaves was different and distinct, the Veg Sui Mai with Anoki Mushroom green in color but earthy in flavours. The Chives and Water Chestnut Dimsum boasts of a winner for the Brothers in contrast to the Tofu Black Bean, which was non-descript both in looks and taste.

We set off on a roll with Japanese Seafood Roll that reminded you of beach holidays, while the Laksa Crab Dumpling was richly flavoured and sure to prove a hit with the patrons. The sweet and subdued Pork Muphalo competed with the flaky and fascinating Barbeque Pork Pastry with sesame crust. The Mango Chicken Dumpling was disappointing mainly because of the insipid tasting mango in it.


reen hued Scallops Sui Mei with caviar was a tasty, colourfully packaged innovation while the Steamed Black bean Fish (Basa) was simply blasé with its indistinct flavor and texture. The Radish Cake with tender Chicken Ham is caught in the netherworlds, satisfying neither the vegetarians nor the carnivores.

The Crispy Duck Pancake was a winner with slivers of cucumber, spring onions, pan cakes and the mandatory plum sauce and honey rounding off the slivers of crispy duck wholesomely. The deceptively pear-shaped Chicken Custard Bun dumpling was cute to look at and sweet to taste.

Velvet Cake
While the reviewer had no more stomach for the main course after the parade of delectable dimsums, the Chilli Pork and French Bean Burnt Garlic seemed to have been popular with the bloggers boasting a heartier appetite. Our meal was finished with a huge, soft and delightful Red Velvet Cake. Chocolate mousse and Tiramisu were regular. The conversation flowed as easily as Dionysus’ favorite drinks that evening.

The menu with its new tastes and flavours and boasting varied choices is sure to appeal to the globalized palate of the residents of Gurgaon and beyond.

Disclosure: This review was done after being invited to a menu-tasting session by the restaurant.

Address: Dimsum Bros, R 303, Ambience Mall, NH 8, Gurgaon | Tel:  0124-4029281, 9990411529

Happy faces

Velvet Cake




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